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Abinanti to Seek Re-election for State Assembly
May 6, 2014 Pleasantville Examiner

Abinanti announces run for reelection to Assembly
January 2, 2014 Politics on the Hudson

Take Busters move to block eminent domain
March 22, 2010 Westchester County Business Journal

Board votes to ban Phosphate Fertilizers…
May 1, 2009  The New York Times

Abinanti calls for New York State action on Westchester County initiatives…
January 5, 2009  Yonkers Tribune

The Westchester Board of Legislatures approved the largest
capital project in the history of Westchester County…
December 9, 2008   White Plains CitizeNetReporter

Hardly an idle step…
November 15, 2008

No more idling in Westchester
November 12, 2008

The Sierra Club honors Abinanti. with an endorsement..
October 18, 2007   Media Release

Abinanti presses for Con Ed improvements…
July 22, 2006   The Journal News

Con Ed to face the music...
July 22, 2006   The Journal News

Abinanti sponsors bill to clear the air…
February 13, 2006   The Journal News

Abinanti urges State Senate passage of boat safety bill…
May 22, 2003

Bill would restrict use of Social Security numbers…
May 7, 2003   The Journal News

Judge OKs shares in garbage price-fixing case…
December 20, 2002   The Journal News

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County toughens carter rules…
August 17, 1999   The Journal News

Westchester board faced down mob by voting to
regulate garbage haulers…

August 18, 1999   The Journal News

It’s the Law: Carters Must Get Licenses….
August 22, 1999   The New York Times