A Progressive Record

A Better Quality of Life – At Less Cost!

That’s what we’re striving for — a safer community with cleaner air, cleaner water, enough open space, a community with good child care and quality schools. So, since he was elected Assemblyman in 2010 Tom Abinanti has been trying to move State government to make a real difference in the things you care about.

Tom is continuing the efforts he began as a County Legislator.

In 1997, the voters elected a Democratic majority to the 17-member Westchester County Board of Legislators for the first time in modern history. Tom Abinanti was selected as the Board’s first-ever Democratic Majority Leader. When the voters again elected a Democratic majority to the Board two years later, Tom was again selected as the Majority Leader. In 2001, the voters increased the number of Democrats on the Board to 10.

As the Majority Leader, Tom played a major role in enacting new procedures that opened the Board and gave everyone greater access to County government. Since then, the Westchester Board has cooperated on issues more often than ever before– cooperation that has brought beneficial changes.

For the first time, Board meetings were taped and televised throughout Westchester County. Board Committee meetings were held in various communities. Citizens were appointed to Board subcommittees and played an active role in recommending legislative action. The people became true partners in democracy.