Special Needs

State government must to do what is right – stop ignoring and start responding to people with special needs. State government must recognize that people with special needs are part of our community and deserve our help.

The State must affirm its commitment to people with special needs – and act to restore the programs that have worked: education (sufficient state funding for special education); health care (restore early intervention, require broader insurance company reimbursements); housing and daily living assistance (increase number of and adequate funding for facilities and better staff training); jobs (provide job training and incentives for hiring); and fair and dignified treatment (guarantee appropriate first responder training).

The State is ignoring people with special needs.

The State has stopped funding needed additional housing despite a long-waiting list of people with disabilities.

The State is destroying its previously excellent early intervention program. While most of the cost is on the counties and the state has reneged on its promise to increase its contribution. The state has taken over and mismanaged the administration of the program — with therapists fleeing and babies waiting for services.

The State has failed to require health insurers to cover usual and routine treatments for people with special needs.

The cost of deferring solutions is tremendous – not just in wasted lives of people with disabilities but in the additional tax dollars that will eventually be needed to deal with the results of the neglect.

Assemblyman Abinanti has been an outspoken critic of the state’s failure. He has fought for and passed laws to help people with disabilities. As the father of a child with autism, he understands the role that government must play to help people who can’t always help themselves. He knows people with different abilities are an underappreciated resource – given a chance, they can help better our community.