Government Reform

Government should be by the people for the people. State government must be more open and responsive to our community.

We need to restore trust in public institutions. We must free the State government from the grip of special interests and refocus it on the needs of our communities. What’s right for our community is more important than politics.

First, we need to increase accountability. We need to continue the efforts we’ve made over the past four years to enact tougher new ethics standards and expand disclosure requirements, to appoint independent investigators to root out and punish corruption, and to overhaul campaign finance laws. We need to protect whistleblowers who report bad behavior. We should overhaul and reduce the number of New York State’s more than 1,000 state agencies, authorities and commissions.

Second, we need to change the culture of “legal corruption” — eliminate the influence of big money on government decision making. To take big money out of government decisions, we must take big money out of financing the elections of those who make government decisions. We need real campaign finance reform – like the bill Assemblyman Abinanti co-sponsored/voted for and the Assembly has repeatedly passed to lower contribution limits and provide public matching funds for small individual contributions.