Gun Safety

Tom Abinanti is a leader in protecting us from gun violence. He doesn’t just talk about it. He does it.


To curb the disturbing gun violence that has devastated communities everywhere, the New York Legislature passed a new comprehensive gun-safety law, the Secure Firearms and Ammunition Enforcement Act (SAFE Act). Assemblyman Abinanti was a strong supporter of the SAFE Act that: (1) bans new assault weapons and requires permits for those in the state on the effective date; (2) requires pistol permits to be renewed every five years; (3) closes the “gun show loophole”; (4) requires background checks on all gun and ammunition purchases; (5) revokes pistol permits for domestic violence abusers; and (6) attempts to ensure that those with mental illness do not have access to firearms.

Common-Sense Proposals

Assemblyman Abinanti has proposed his own package of common-sense measures to curb gun violence and increase gun owner safety and accountability: requiring gun owners to safely store their firearms not in their immediate possession; prohibiting the manufacture, possession or sale of firearms and ammunition magazines that are not detectable by traditional metal detectors; banning the sale of a weapon on public property and the use of public property for gun shows; and requiring applicants for firearms licenses outside New York City to pass a firearms safety course before their license is issued or renewed.


Preventing Gun Violence: Common Sense Gun Law Reform

In 1997, the State Legislature passed, and the Governor signed, a new State law enacting then-County Legislator Tom Abinanti’s proposals to require that:

  • Handgun licenses in Westchester County expire, and must be renewed, after 6 years
    (These licenses used to last forever).
  • All prospective handgun owners must take a gun safety course.

The County Executive heeded Tom’s call to ban gun shows on County property.

Protecting Kids From Gun Violence

Guns are not toys. County Legislator Tom Abinanti recognized that we have to break the dangerous combination of children and guns that results in more than 10,000 accidental shootings each year. So he drafted legislation, adopted by the Westchester Legislature in 2000, to make gun owners responsible for their weapons, and to ensure that legal guns are not used illegally.

Now Westchester is one of the first places in the country to require that gun owners safely lock away their guns when not in their immediate possession or control–either with a gun lock, in a safe, or in a gun box. Leaving a gun accessible to someone who should not have it is a misdemeanor.

More protection is needed.

Tom Abinanti proposes that the law should also require:

  • Tracing all guns found in the hands of a minor.
  • A waiting period and a complete background check before the purchase of any firearm.