Civil Rights

Tom Abinanti is a leader in protecting and advancing civil rights. He doesn’t just talk about it. He does it.

Protecting Your Civil Rights

No one should have to suffer discrimination.

Assemblyman Abinanti has joined with a majority of his colleagues to take important steps toward promoting tolerance and insuring fairness in our diverse community.

With a historic and bipartisan vote in both the Assembly and Senate, New York joined Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and the District of Columbia to become the largest state to legalize same-sex marriage. The Marriage Equality Law ensures that all married couples have the same basic legal rights with respect to property ownership, health care, hospital visitation, taxation, insurance coverage, child custody, pension benefits, inheritance, testimonial privileges and societal recognition of their love and commitment.


As a County Legislator, Tom Abinanti helped enact a broad-based Westchester Human Rights Law, and set up a Commission to help Westchester County residents who can’t even get in the door of the woefully backlogged State Commission.